Planning The Perfect Baseball Party

For a baseball fan, Spring truly is the best time of the year. The bright, shining sun begins to warm the outside air after a long, cold winter. The heavy, puffy coats get packed away and the baseball jerseys come out! First it’s Spring Training and then the highly anticipated Opening Day is finally here! Whether it is our favorite MLB team, local minor league team (Go Renegades!!) or our child’s town or school team, we love cheering on our favorites!

Now, if your child is a baseball fan and is lucky enough to have a spring time birthday, then he or she is certainly in for a treat because there are loads of exciting products and activities for the perfect baseball party! (more…)

Halloween Costume Ideas For 2012!


Knowing what to dress up as for Halloween is hard. Some years, inspiration hits and everything falls into place. Other years, you don’t have a clue. With this dilemma in mind, we searched the pages of the internet and put together a gallery of the best Halloween costume ideas for 2012!


Preparing for Halloween A Guide for Parents

Amazing-Funny Pumpkin Halloween is arguably the one time of year that kids look forward to the most: imaginations run wild with costume preparation, tall tales are told of spooks and ghouls, and for a parent, it’s a great time to interact and have fun with your children. Not all of us have the budget to splurge for costumes and decorations, so with that in mind, here are some thrifty tips you can use when preparing for Halloween that will save you money and not compromise on the fun.


This summer’s Essential Frozen Drinks

Summer is here! We have waited (not-so-patiently) all year long for this seasons grandiose entrance, and now that summer is firmly and finally upon us, boy is it getting hot! Everyone wants to cool off in summer, but it is how you go about it that separates you from the crowd.

During those hot summer parties, nothing is going to make your guests feel more comfortable than serving them a delicious frozen drink. Smoothies for the kids, margaritas for the adults –– who wouldn’t want to be at that party?

But making frozen drinks all day and night long is a lot of time and way too much effort. Who wants to be stuck behind the bar and miss out on the fun? Well, there is a solution and wouldn’t you know it –– PartyTime Rentals has the answer. (more…)

The Best Non-Alcoholic Summer Cocktails

Summer is party season and although it is great to celebrate, it is also important that you do so responsibly. This doesn’t mean you have to sip tepid water while everyone else is enjoying tasty fruit-filled beverages-quite the contrary. You can actually enjoy a responsible non-alcoholic summer cocktail that will be the envy of the party. Delicious, colorful and healthy drinks that taste great and embody the spirit of the summer and all without the dehydration that comes from drinking alcohol in the sunshine. Here are some of the best non-alcoholic summer cocktails (or mocktails as they are known) out there and a quick lesson on how to prepare them. (more…)

Easter Celebrations in Hudson Valley 2012


Wondering what to do for Easter in Hudson Valley? Well, look no further! Below is a list of free Easter events happening in Hudson Valley this Easter Weekend. Enjoy!

Saturday. April 7 @ The Millbrook Firehouse and the Tribute Gardens, 3257 Franklin Ave., Millbrook

Join the Millbrook Ladies Auxiliary for a pancake breakfast from 8am-11am at the Firehouse before the big Easter egg hunt begins. The Easter Bunny will be available for photographs from 9am-10am.

Families should arrive at the Tribute Gardens before 11am for the big hunt. Make sure you bring a basket to collect your chocolate eggs that will be hidden around the playground. Children will get to meet the Easter Bunny and other fun characters free of charge.

In the event of poor weather, the event may be rescheduled to April 14th. Call the Recreation Office after 9am on the day to confirm.

Saturday, April 7, 1-3pm @ Boyce Park, Route 55, Wingdale.

Bring your baskets to come and collect your bounty of Easter eggs! The event is free and all ages are welcome.

Saturday, April 7, 9-12am @ Waryas Park 35 Main Street Poughkeepsie.

All ages are welcome for this free old fashioned Easter egg hunt extravaganza. The schedule will run as follows:
9:00am: 1-2 yr olds
9:30am: 3-5 yr olds
10:00am: 6-8 yr olds
10:30am: 9-12 yr olds
11:00am: Wheel Chair Hunt
11:30am: 13-79 yr olds

Saturday, April 7, 1-2pm @ 83 Route 22, Pawling

Visit Kessman Farms for an afternoon with the Easter bunny as well as sheep, ducks, goats and a kangaroo! Just remember to bring your own basket for this afternoon egg hunt with a difference!

Friday, April 6, 7:30pm @ Town Park, 3744 Route 44, Mabbetsville

Remember your flashlights and head down to the Town Park for a twilight Easter egg hunt and the chance to win prizes! This event is free and all hunters should meet at the Park before 8pm. In the event of poor weather, check with the Recreation Office before you head out. If the event is cancelled, there will be a cancellation message on the answering machine.

Saturday, April 7, 10-12am @ 1697 Salt Point Turnpike Salt Point

Bring your baskets to collect eggs for the hunt that will begin at 10.30am sharp! There will be prizes and candy hidden all around Hahn Farm. Patches the pony will also be there to join in the fun and give rides for the children. Eggs are limited to 12 per child and the event is free!

Birthday Party Planning Advice


birthday party planning

If you have children, birthday party planning can be a delicate and sometimes complicated affair. Innumerable complications, budget constraints and not to mention tantrums, can all put your parenting skills to the test. Well, here at PartyTime Rentals we have considered the major birthday party planning problems and come up with the solutions. This is essential reading for any parent. So without further delay, let’s see how you can become a super-parent and overcome any birthday party planning problem that is thrown your way. (more…)

Spring wedding ideas: Planning your spring wedding

Sailcloth Tent Rental

The New Year is here and that means one thing: Spring is on its way. That’s right, winter has been handed its eviction papers and has 90 days to vacate the property. Spring is ready to move in, redecorate a little and provide the perfect backdrop to weddings all around the world.

If you are planning a wedding this spring, it is time to inspire yourself with some spring wedding ideas.

Here at Party Time Rentals, we have been honored to have our tent rental services and furnishings help make spring weddings a success and well, we know what works. This is why we are constantly providing our rental service to wedding across the Hudson Valley and Connecticut areas during the spring. So prepare for inspiration as we pass on our knowledge and lavish you with spring wedding ideas. (more…)