Customer Appreciation BBQ & Baseball

If you have rented something from PartyTime Rentals in the past year we would like to invite you and your family or friends to join us for a night of BBQ and baseball! 


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How to Choose a Tent for Your Event

Whether it turns out to be a nice sunny day or a cloudy rainy one, you and your guests will be glad to have the extra protection. The two most common types of tents are pole tents and frame tents. Keep reading to find out the major differences between these two tents that you should know before picking a tent. (more…)

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The Most Popular Table Linen Rentals in New York

When it comes to party planning, your selection of linens is important, yet it can easily get overwhelming. Should you go with a specific theme, material, color, or style? Here at Party Time Rentals, we offer you plenty of options, whether you want satin linens, or perhaps a more casual look with stripes or checkered patterns. It is also very important to consider the type of event you are hosting. Are you having a wedding? A corporate event? A block party? Will you event be inside, or outside? Let us ask you the right questions to help you select the best linens for your next event, so you can relax and focus on a picture perfect event taking place. (more…)

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The Most Popular Bounce House Rentals in New York

No party is complete for your children without a bounce house! At Party Time Rentals, we have bounce houses with different themes, they come in a wide variety of sizes, and of course they are age appropriate. We offer you plenty of options, whether you want a traditional bounce house, or a more interactive house where kids can slide, splash, climb, and so much more. Let us set up your bounce house for your next party, or we also offer a wide selection of inflatables that you can set up yourself.

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Where to Rent a Tent for a New York Event

high twin peak pole tent 60x80

Summer time, it’s the perfect time to host a party whether it’s for your business, a fundraiser, wedding, or any other special event. At Party Time Rentals, we will take the stress out of renting a tent for your next event.  We offer you plenty of options, whether you want to do it yourself, or have us set up your tent and provide additional services such as cooling fans, lights, and food for you and all of your guests.


Easy and Realistic DIY Photoshoot Backgrounds

Whether you’re a photographer or a party host you will find these DIY photo shoot backgrounds easy to make and for a reasonable price. With an interesting background at your party, you’re sure to end up with some fun and awesome pictures! By changing the color, material, or combining multiple ideas you can adjust any of these backgrounds to fit your needs perfectly. (more…)

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DIY Tissue Paper Flower


Tissue paper flowers are easy to make and super cheap. Your family and friends will be surprised when they find out that you made them yourself! You can use them for decorating your house, office, or any event from a birthday party to wedding. Check out the bottom of this article for decorating ideas. (more…)

Party Rentals in Mahopac, NY

Customers from Mahopac, New York have been traveling to PartyTime Rentals in Poughquag for many years because they know that if they want a party or event to be great, the staff at PartyTime can make it happen. Mahopac residents know that a quick 30-40 minute drive to PartyTime will result in a party or event that is memorable for a lifetime, due to the large selection of tents, tables, chairs, inflatables, and more! (more…)

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Party & Tent Rentals in New York and Connecticut

Parties should be fun and festive. However, planning an event or large gathering can sometimes be stressful. It can be overwhelming for even the most organized person. To help provide the best solutions, PartyTime Rentals has a wide variety of party and tent rentals in New York and Connecticut to help create a fun and memorable experience for all your guests. (more…)

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