Halloween Craft & Tablescape

With Halloween a little more than two weeks away it seems like everyone is getting into the spooky spirit. We wanted to incorporate a fun Halloween craft with some of our rental items. What we ended up with was the perfect date night table for Halloween. This easy set up is great for anyone who wants to stay in on Halloween night but still enjoy some of the festivities. 


Halloween Tablescape 1


Are you having a Halloween dinner party and need to seat more than 2 people? With a larger table and different sized linens you can recreate this tablescape to seat up to 8 people. Just ask one of our event planners to help you pick out the right table and linens to suit your needs. 


Tissue Paper Pumpkins

First I’m going to show you how to make these cute little tissue paper pumpkins. If you decide to try and make them you should definitely scroll to the bottom of these instructions first to read about what I would have done differently to make this project easier. 

Halloween Pumpkin Candelabra



Orange Tissue Paper



Elmer’s Glue (or any basic school glue)

Black Paint

Paint Brush


Cup with Water


Paper Plate


Halloween Pumpkin Craft 1


Gather your supplies and surround yourself with some leaves (just kidding you don’t need the leaves, but it really puts you in the Halloween mood!).  Start by blowing up the balloons to whatever size you want your pumpkin to be. I made miniature pumpkins and I wouldn’t suggest trying to make them any smaller than this because it was a pain in the butt!

Rip your tissue paper up into smallish pieces. Don’t make them too small because it will just take you way too long to cover the balloon. I kept my tissue paper scraps in a bowl so they didn’t get blown away. 


Halloween Pumpkin Craft 2


Tie a string to the end of your balloon so you can hang them up to dry at the end. Cover the balloons with baby powder as best as you can. I did not do this for the first couple pumpkins and it makes taking the balloon out at the end almost impossible.

Get your bowl and mix together a small amount of glue and water using your paint brush. I used about 50% water and 50% glue. Since I was outside my glue was drying pretty fast so I only mixed a small amount, then mixed more as I needed it. 


Halloween Pumpkin Craft 6


While holding the balloon in my left hand I used my right hand to dip the tissue paper in the glue. It saves you a lot of trouble if you can keep the glue on one side of the tissue paper. Place it onto the balloon and use your non-glue fingers or palm of your hand to push down the edges of the tissue paper. If you need to add some more glue you can use your paint brush. 


Halloween Pumpkin Craft 4


Continue adding layers to your balloon until you have about 3 layers. If it starts to get too sticky you can hang it up for a few minutes and then continue adding layers. 


Halloween Pumpkin Craft 5


Hang up your balloons to dry. I hung mine in the sun and they were dry within the hour. 


Halloween Pumpkin Craft 7


When you’re sure that your pumpkins are dry cut the knot off the balloon. Get a good hold on your pumpkin and try your best not to smoosh it. Don’t worry if it does get squeezed a little (or completely) because you can pop them back into shape. Start pulling the balloon away from the tissue paper. Work slowly around the edge and then deeper into the pumpkin. 

If you’re having trouble getting your fingers in there you can cut a larger opening at the bottom of your pumpkin. I ended up cutting the edges on all of my pumpkins to give them a cleaner look.

Halloween Pumpkin Craft 8


Phew! Now that the balloon is separated from the tissue paper, it’s time to paint. I put a small glob of black paint on my plate and used a small paint brush. 


Halloween Pumpkin Craft 9


Paint whatever crazy jack-o-lantern face that your heart desires. 


Halloween Pumpkin Craft 10


And finally admire your cute little pumpkins! Place a battery operated tea light under them for some extra cool fun. Keep reading to find out how we used our little pumpkins for a Halloween Tablescape.


What I should have done differently:

  • Definitely put baby poweder on the balloon before you start glueing. At first I was glueing tissue paper directly onto the latex balloon without any vaseline or powder. Wow was it frustrating trying to get the balloon out of these pumpkins! I actually ended up destroying a pumpkin trying to seperate the balloon from the tissue paper and had to make another one. For the last pumpkin I covered the balloon with baby powder and it made a world of a difference when I removed the balloon.
  • Using a black balloon was helpful while applying the tissue paper because I could easily see any spots that were too thin. The sucky part about using a black balloon is that some of it couldn’t be removed from the inside of the pumpkin so you can see some black under the orange tissue paper. 
  • If you use an orange balloon you don’t have to worry about removing every little piece from the inside. It is kind of a guessing game though while covering the balloon with tissue paper. It’s hard to tell which areas need more layers, but in the end it worked out fine. 



How to Setup Your Halloween Table

 Halloween Tablescape 3

For our Halloween date night table I used a tall bistro table with Chiavari bar stools. To carry out the black, orange and purple color scheme throughout the whole table I used a different linen size for every color. Placing the black linen on top allowed me to separate the purple napkins and orange pumpkins from the purple and orange linens peaking out at the bottom. 

Halloween Tablescape 2

The table was set using a classic white dinner and salad plate with royal thread flatware and a 12oz all purpose glass. Silver napkin rings help keep the purple napkins from getting lost in the black linen. I picked a white candelabra to match the white plates and placed my tissue paper pumpkins where a candle is supposed to go. These candelabra’s aren’t large enough to hold a tea light but if you want your pumpkins to glow you can place a small battery operated LED light under the pumpkin. 

For some extra dramatic lighting I placed 2 purple lights on the floor and pointed them at the front of the table and the wall behind the table. 

Everything use to create this Halloween date night table is available for rent from PartyTime Rentals. Below is a list of all the rentals with links to the product page. 


Halloween Tissue Paper Pumpkin Lantern


Rentals used in this setup:

30″ Round Bistro Table

Black Chiavari Bar Stools

White Candelabra

70″ Square Black Linen

90″ Round Orange Linen

108″ Round Purple Linen

Purple Napkins

Silver Napkin Rings

Classic White Dinner Plates and Salad Plates

12oz All Purpose Glasses




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