How to Host a Successful Family Christmas Dinner

You’re hosting Christmas dinner for the family, it’s your time to shine!

Be the host with the most this Christmas by following the tips below.

  • Pick the Dinner Style. The first thing you need to decide is what kind of dinner you want to host: sit down, buffet or potluck. If you are planning a potluck make sure to mention that in your invitations.
  • Prepare a Guest List. Get your guest list together and send out the invitations early so people can make their travel arrangements.
  • Check Your Dining Ware. Go through your china, serveware, glassware and flatware to make sure you have full sets and nothing is damaged. You should also do a headcount and make sure you have enough tables, chairs and linens! Do all of this a couple of weeks before the holiday so you have time to either purchase or rent.
  • Deep Clean. Start cleaning and decluttering the house. Make sure to empty the hall closet to make room for all of your guest’s coats!
  • Overnight Guests. If you have any overnight guests stock up the spare room with fresh sheets and towels. And make sure you have breakfast items on hand.
  • Childproof. If there are any small children coming it’s a good idea to do a little childproofing such as covering unused outlets and making sure all of your holiday decorations are secure.
  • Plan the Menu. Put your menu for the night together, be sure to keep in mind the style of dinner you are hosting. If it’s a potluck be sure to check in with everyone to find out what they will be brining. Be mindful of anyone who is a vegetarian, vegan or gluten free when planning your menu.
  • Prep the Food. Pre-cook and freeze as much as you can and save time by prepping what you can the day before.
  • Create a Playlist. Create a holiday playlist to add some ambiance to dinner.
  • Plan the Tablescape. You want to make sure you have a beautiful table, it is the centerpiece of the night. Cloth napkins, napkin rings and chargers are simple items you can add to make your table more elegant.
  • Stock the Bar. Make sure you have the staples on hand but if you want to save a little money instead of having a full bar you can offer a couple of signature cocktails for the evening.  
  • Don’t Forget the Extras. Make your dinner stand apart by adding a statement. Bring out a chocolate fountain for dessert or capture the memories with a photo booth. Have Santa make an appearance or let the kids take a ride on the Polar Express! Adding these extras will make this the dinner your family never forgets!