Pirate Birthday Party

Do you plan on throwing a birthday party for your little boy or girl this summer? With the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie coming out in May, this is the perfect summer for a pirate themed birthday party.


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PartyTime Rentals is here to help you celebrate with our many pirate themed inflatables and party accessories. 

Keep reading to see some fun pirate party ideas including games and decorations. 



Pirate Themed Inflatables from PartyTime Rentals

First I have to mention our Pirate Battle inflatable. You would not believe how much fun this inflatable is!! Not only is it a pirate themed bounce house with awesome artwork but there’s also a climbing area, a slide, and cannon blasters!

This inflatable could not be more perfect for a pirate birthday party. Watch this short video to see how much fun kids and even parents have with our Pirate Battle inflatable. 



We also carry a  pirate themed bounce house and combo inflatable. Click on the images below for more information. 

Pirate Bounce House Rental NY

Pirate Adventure Bounce House

Pirate Adventure Combo Bounce House Rental

Pirate Adventure Combo




Pirate Birthday Party Accessories from PartyTime Rentals

What’s a pirate birthday party without eye patches!?Pirate Beard - Pirate Party Accessories Pirate Eye Patch - Pirate Birthday Party Accessories

We also have silly pirate beards.

Hand out eye patches and beards to all of your birthday party guests to ensure full use of their imagination!

All you’re missing is a bandanna and your own pet parrot to turn your birthday boy or girl into a real marauding pirate. 

Make your birthday boy or girl feel extra special by putting their picture on this wanted poster!

Wanted Poster - Pirate Themed Birthday Party













Pirate Birthday Party Games

Pirate Birthday Party - Walk The Plank

Picture from Sweeten Your Day Events

Walking the Plank

If I ever attend a pirate birthday party I know I want the opportunity to try walking the plank!

There are a handful of ways you can re-enact walking the plank, but my favorite is when there is real water involved. 

Fill up a kiddie pool with water and place a stack of bricks or overturned crates (whatever you can think of) on either side of the pool. Rest a plank of wood on the 2 stacks so that the plank is going over the center of the pool. 

Add some fun decorations to your plank game by putting soft toy alligators in the pool. 











Cannon Ball Balloon Toss

Pirate Birthday Party - Cannon Ball Toss

Picture from Tasha M – Pinterest

This game is as easy as it seems. Fill up 9″ black latex balloons with water and make a sign out of cardboard that says “cannon balls”.

To make things more interesting separate your party into 2 teams and see who can get the other team more wet!














Sandbox Treasure Hunt

Pirate Party - Sandbox Hidden Treasure

Picture from the Fickle Pickle

This could be a great game for some of your younger pirates who might not be able to participate in an all out water balloon cannon battle. 

Go to the dollar store and load up on gold plastic coins, necklaces, rings, and even toys if you want. 

Throw em in your sandbox and cover them up (If you don’t have a sandbox you can fill a large metal or plastic tub with sand). You can leave some surprises sticking out to really catch the kids’ attention. 

Don’t forget to supply your little pirates with shovels and treasure maps!











Check out our Pinterest board for more fun pirate party birthday ideas, including fun foods!

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