Top 5 Ways to Use Mason Jars at Parties

Recently, mason jars have made a wave in events and parties. We have Mason Jars and  Mason Drink Dispensers available for rent and we are in love with them!

In celebration of these adorable items, here are some ideas you can use them for!


Top 5 Ways to Use Mason Jars

  1.  Tea Light Candles: Take a small tea light candle and place it inside the mason jar to light up any table or area. You can get creative by putting some rocks at the bottom first or even water so the candle floats on top (even a mixture of both!).
  2. Centerpieces: If you don’t want to go out and buy an expensive centerpiece for your party, just get some colorful rocks or sand and flowers (fake or real) and use the mason jar as a vase.
  3. Mugs: There are some mason jars specifically made with a jar handle regardless, any mason jar will do as a cup to drink from.
  4. Planters: For small herbs, lemongrass or any plant you think will fit within. Get some soil, either fertilized or from your backyard, and fill your jar with it. Then plant your seeds and take care just as you would any other plant.
  5. A Dispenser: You can dispense anything from soap, to syrup to milk for your morning coffee. There are jars made just for that, or simply buy a dispenser pump, drill a small hole (big enough to fit the pump) in the mason jar cap, fill with whatever you want to dispense and use!