Top Wedding Trends for 2018

Top Wedding Trends for 2018

top wedding trends of 2018

Whether you have been planning your wedding for years or a few months, you should know the most popular trends of the year. You will only get married once if you are lucky, which means that you should include a few trendy styles to make your wedding stylish. Here are the 2018 wedding trends that you should know about:

Cash Registries

Having a cash registry is the norm in many places around the world. The reason for this is that millenials live together before they get married, which means that there is no need to register for household items. Figuring out what you really want as a couple before your wedding might be too stressful.

To avoid putting undue pressure on yourselves, you should start a cash registry that allows you to get money for whatever you want. If you do not want to buy anything, you can even put it in an account for future use.

Fast Food

As more and more people leave the customary behind in favor of customization, food options are starting to include DIY donut bars and taco trucks. If this type of food arrangement feels more authentic to you, you should try it because it is cool.

Flexible Schedule

In the past, wedding weekends included a rehearsal dinner, the ceremony itself, and the reception. However, in 2018, people are veering away from this schedule and coming up with their own. You can now include local wine tastings as well as bridal party games in your wedding schedule.

If you are holding the wedding in your city, you might want to recreate your lives for the wedding guests so that they can see how you live. Doing so will give your guests an immersive experience that they will never forget.

Live Slideshows

Photo booths are not going anywhere anytime soon but you should consider adding live slideshows to your reception. This allows you to share photos that people take on the dance floor and at the bar. For instance, if one of your guests wants to take a selfie with every person at the party, you can add the photos to a live slideshow. This might turn into a game if your guests start asking for selfies with this person.

If some of your guests cannot make it to your wedding, you can livestream it for them on your website; doing so will make them feel included and special.

Textures and Sleeves

Sleeved silhouettes are quite popular in 2018: from bell to cap sleeves. When shopping for wedding and bridesmaid dresses, you should select stylish designs that are more like this. Men are opting for textured suits such as herringbone or tweed patterns. When it comes to suit colors, they are also getting bolder: dusty mauve and burgundy.

Non Traditional Venues

non traditional wedding venues

Nowadays, couples are stepping outside of the customary reception spaces and choosing unexpected venues such as libraries, boxing gyms, and pop up barns. If you met your better half during summer camp, you should consider having your reception under the stars while surrounded by nature. If you love rock music, you can choose a concert hall to be your reception venue and rock out with your friends.

Make sure that you choose a reception that resonates with your story as a couple. Do not just choose a place because it is beautiful.

Planning a wedding is an exhausting affair. Hopefully, the above wedding trends for 2018 will take some stress off your shoulders and make your work a bit easier. When you follow wedding trends, you will not have to come up with your own ideas.

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