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Planning the perfect birthday party can be a challenge, especially when you have young children who appear to be obsessed with something different every time you blink. Luckily, birthday party themes take a lot of the guesswork out of planning a birthday party. Below, we have put together a list of the best birthday party themes and included all of the birthday party supplies you will need to make the event a success. Each theme has decoration suggestions and food ideas, so all you need to do is simply pick your child’s favorite. But how do you know which one your child will really love?

First of all, take a look at the list below and narrow it down to a handful of ideas. Then involve your child in the process. Watch for clues when you suggest a theme, like their eyes lighting up at the idea of having a monster party. Once you have your theme, with a little smart planning, you can tailor it to your budget, and have an incredible party no matter how much you spend. So, here we go.

The beach party theme:

Now, if you are actually considering hosting this birthday party theme at the beach, then you don’t really need to decorate, as it is already all there for you! Just bring beach balls, a portable sound system, sand toys and everything is all set to go.

But on the downside, hosting a party on the beach can require a lot of monitoring and logistics. So why not turn your backyard into a beach!?!beach party theme

When it comes to beaches and under-the-water birthday party themes, a clear favorite is the SpongeBob squarepants birthday party theme. This theme is so popular that there are literally hundreds of party ideas involving this popular cartoon character and PartyTime Rental’s party store is full of Spongebob party supplies that will make the event a success.

But there are also lots of birthday party supplies you and your children can make yourself. Make a beach scene on your garage door or on the back of your house. Cut out waves, palm trees, fish and other things you would normally see and find on a beach. Make a sign at the front of your house saying,’beach this way’ with an arrow pointing to the party.

Now, how would you go about creating a beach in your backyard? Filling up the area with sand is not exactly practical, but remember, the birthday party is all about imagination! If you do not own a sand box, consider buying a cheap baby pool and filling it up with play sand. Include lots of sand toys for the children to play with and you have yourself the start of an amazing beach birthday party.

Scatter beach chairs and beach towels around the yard. To create a beachy atmosphere and don’t forget the music! If you play the Beach Boys or Jan and Dean, the mood will be set.

Your beach birthday party will most likely be on a sunny day, so fill a sand bucket full of sunscreen and place it near the sandbox. This way, the kids will have fun putting on their sunblock.

The beach party menu:

When it comes to the beach party, a barbecue always works well. Hotdogs, hamburgers and corn on the grill are easy, fast and always well received. For something slightly easier, a picnic compliments the theme nicely. Serve up potato salad, sandwiches and chips.

Consider serving up some smoothies. Not only will these cool the children off, they will also provide tasty hydration on a hot day.

The first birthday party theme:

Young children go crazy for helium balloons, so be sure to have lots of them in your party room. PartyTime Rentals has an extensive selection of balloons for your first birthday party and we deliver and provide decorating services as well! 

first birthday party themeDecorate tables with pictures of your baby throughout the year. Also, create a height chart for your guests to sign. Cut a long strip of paper and decorate it, pirates for the boys and fairies for the girls. As each guest arrives, measure them and ask them to either sign it or write a short birthday message for your baby.

Be sure to make a play corner for your littlest guests. Lay down a blanket and decorate with books, toys and stuffed animals.

The first birthday party menu:

For your littlest guests, serve small pieces of fruit, diced veggies, goldfish crackers and small chunks of cheese.

For the adults, stick to foods that can easily be eaten with one hand as most of them will be holding their child. Veggies and dips, small sandwiches and cut fruit are easy to prepare and eat.

The magic birthday party theme:

For this birthday party theme, use the classic black hat as a centerpiece, simply turn it upside down and have a stuffed rabbit coming out of the top. If you want to add something extra special, why not have a magician and a giant rabbit hosting the event!magic birthday party theme

Decorate the walls and tables with playing cards. Cut out star-shapes and use metallic markers to write magical words like ‘shazam’, ‘abracadabra’, and ‘hocus-pocus’.

The magic birthday party menu:

Serve your little guests magic wands. Here’s how you do it. Dip some pretzel rods in melted chocolate. Once cooled, use white icing to paint the tip and ‘shazam’; you have your very own delicious magic wands.

Continue the rabbit out of the hat theme by making rabbit shaped cookies. If you want to go one step further, make upside down top hat cupcakes, by covering cupcakes in chocolate frosting and painting a white band just below to top of the cupcake. Then put your rabbit cookies into your top hat cupcakes and have your host serve them!

The fairy birthday party theme:

The colors you need to make this birthday party theme a success are pink, soft green and lavender. fairy birthday party themeHosting a fairy birthday party outside only adds to the wonder of the event. Put twinkle lights around the trees near your party area. Add colored streamers to the trees as well, to make the party even more magical. Compliment this magic with a bubble machine.

Glitter is also important to finish off the aesthetic of the event. If your children are going to gather around a table, sprinkle the table with glitter and add some decorative flowers. Cut out cardboard stars and cover them with glitter too, and hang them everywhere. Consider having a magical treasure hunt, because everybody knows that fairies live at the bottom of your garden.

The fairy birthday party menu:

Serve your guests drinks in teacups. Continue the star theme but making jelly sandwiches and cutting them into star shapes using a cookie cutter. Also, make star shaped rice crispy treats and sprinkle them with pastel colored sprinkles. Much like the magic birthday party theme, you can serve wands. Only this time, decorate the tips in pastel colors instead of the traditional white.

The monster party theme:

You can start decorating for this birthday party theme outside your front door. Take some green chalk and draw giant monster footprints leading up to the party. Create a template of a giant foot, because drawing identical footprints is actually harder than it

The colors of this birthday party theme are green, black and blue. Replace the light bulbs in your party room with these colors. It will make all the difference to your party. Make a sign on the party room door that says,’Beware of the monster!’ To make the monster atmosphere even more spooky rent a fog machine.

Music is important at your monster party. Play all of the classic monster-related hits, Monster Mash, The Munsters, Thriller, all of these hits. There are monster themed CD’s you can buy, that will give you all of the songs you need.

The monster menu:

The monster menu is all about the cake. A monster cake is simple to make. Simply bake a chocolate layer cake in two pans of the same size. Once the cakes are cool, spread a very thick layer of green frosting on top of one cake. Place some gummy worms into the green frosting and push the other cake down on top, until the green frosting and gummy worms spill out the side. For added effect, you can add candy eyeballs and other monster candy you find. Ghoulish.

The superhero birthday party theme

Superheroes never lose their cool. But before you decide on your child’s superhero theme, do a little research. The superhero culture changes quick, and the Wonder Woman you loved as a child yourself, is pretty much outdated. Involve your child and find out who their favorite superhero is.

Use decorations that coordinate with your chosen superhero, for example, green for the hulk, or black for batman. Hang your colored streamers all over your party room.

Create cardboard speech bubbles that say the classic superhero lines like POW! SLAP! and BAM!

Decorate the party table with pages from comic books. If you give the children silly putty, they can use it to lift the images off the pages.

Super Menu:

Create cookies that work with your superhero birthday party theme. So, if you are hosting a Batman themed birthday party, create cookies in the shape of bats, for a Hulk party, simply make the cookies green. If things start to get too complex and you are at a loss, lightening bolt cookies will always be a hit.

You can theme your drinks around the superhero colors as well. The night before, freeze ice cubes using the appropriate colored juice. Then let your guests add the cubes to their drinks and magically change the color of their soda.

The water birthday party theme:

Water birthday parties are always a hit and PartyTime Rentals has a huge range of water party supplies.

If you are planning to host your birthday party in a pool, safety is paramount. Make sure all guests are properly attired in safety gear. For a party in a pool, request extra supervision from parents. Keeping track of children in a pool is going to be tough, so invite one parent for every two children.

But you don’t need to have your party in a pool to keep with the water theme. Water balloons are great fun and our water balloon filling station makes things that much easier. It is always a good idea to have a few parents by the water balloon filing station as things will get busy quickly and children find it difficult to tie the water balloons together. Water slides are a great alternative to taking all of the children to a pool and very easy to manage. PartyTime Rentals will deliver and set up any water slide that you choose and explain all of the safety features you need to be aware of. Plan ahead and make as many water balloons as you can before the party begins. Just be sure to keep them cool and out of direct sunlight.

The water birthday party menu:

You will want to keep the menu simple for the water party. Keep food light as well, because food and water never mix. A good idea is to not allow any of the children to play in the pool or on the slides one hour after eating. Just be sure you have some alternative entertainment planned otherwise you could have some bored children on your hands and this is never fun. Have a parent cook hot dogs on the BBQ or hot dog steamer and serve light watermelon as well. Very simple, very fast and minimal mess.

Be sure to visit our party store for a free consultation on our range of party themes and we will be happy to help you find the perfect party theme for your child that will make their birthday a huge success!

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