Mardi Gras Party Theme

mardi gras party suppliesAdd a taste of New Orleans to your event with our Mardi Gras party supplies. 
A Mardi Gras party will be based around three colors: green, purple and gold. Not only do these colors look great, they also have some meaning behind them. Green represents faith, gold power and purple represents justice. To really have your party go with a bang, we suggest you decorate your entire night in these colors and request that your guests come dressed in these colors as well. 

We have a great selection of masks and costumes in our store and it is a good idea to give out Masquerade masks to each guest as they arrive. This gives the evening a sense of mystery and when everyone at your party is wearing one, it looks great. 

Don’t forget the beads! These Mardi Gras party supplies are an important part of your event. The tradition of throwing beads at Mardi Gras started back in the 1920s and has not stopped since. You don’t need to throw beads at your party, but having them available for guests to wear and share will really put your party in full swing.

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