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new years eve ideasIt is that time again where we need to start thinking about that special night when one year ends and another begins. PartyTime Rentals is packed full New Years Eve Party Supplies, but before we get into those, let’s take a look at some of the New Years Eve Tips you need to know for planning a party at home.

The first major tip you need to know is to not invite your guests over too early. It is all about the stroke of midnight and if you plan a dinner party for the traditional time of 8pm, you run the risk of your guests getting sleepy or even worse, bored before the countdown to the new year!

Invite your guests over for dinner at 9pm. That way, you are finishing up the meal somewhere between 11-11:30pm. This gives everyone just enough time to fill up their glasses, put on their party hats and make a wish for the New Year. Perfect timing for a perfect night!

New Years Eve Ideas: Throwing a New Years Eve party at home without spending a fortune.

Many people are put off throwing a New Years Eve Party at home because they think it will end up costing hundreds. But it doesn’t have to!new years eve party ideas drinks

A great New Years Eve idea is to invite a selection of guests over and make it a potluck evening. These always go down well and you can be sure that on New Years Eve, everyone is going to bring out their best dishes. Assign your guests champagne, appetizers, desert, main course, the wine and so on. Before you know it you will have a fantastic feast, without just one person covering all of the costs.

Now you know how to feed your guests, it is time to move on to the décor and atmosphere. We suggest going with gold and black this year. Invite your guests to wear their most glamorous outfits and you are in for a night reminiscent of old Hollywood.

When it comes to table decoration, try to hold back on the flowers. The price of flowers around New Years Eve is almost as much as Valentines Day, because of the rose parade two days later, so to keep costs at a minimum hold back on the flowers and try to think outside of the box.

Try a centerpiece of gold leaf trays filled with water and gold floating candles. Add birch branches to your table that you can paint gold yourself.

You can also recycle your Christmas decorations and change their color to suit your décor. Think copper, cognac, gold and bronze. These are all very warm winter colors that work great together and when combined with the floating candles, they add real warmth to your room. Hanging your Christmas decorations will also add dimension to your décor and is a great way to recycle!

Stay tuned to this blog for more New Years Eve ideas or come visit us at our Wappinger Falls party store to speak to the team in person. You can also call to order your New Years Eve Party Supplies. Happy holidays everyone and a Happy New Year!

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