Item #: 2503.

Price: $250.00

Product Description

A classic dunk tank rental is great for family reunions, fundraisers, back yard parties, school events or just about anywhere!!  Getting dunked is so much fun that finding volunteers will be much easier than you think! Who hasn’t always secretly wished they could be dunked?

Our dunk tanks have large windows in the front of the tank so you can watch your volunteer make a splash underwater! This window is lots of fun for the audience and you’re sure to get some great pictures!

Have you ever thought about renting our dunk tanks as a prop? Artists, photographers and videographers have done lots of creative things with our dunk tanks before! The large window in the front of the tank allows artists to get great underwater photographs and video. 

If you want something a little less intense than a full dunk tank, check out our Big Kahuna Reverse Dunk Tank or Pitch Burst. These other two games have the same concept of throwing a ball at a target to soak your volunteer.


Dunk Tank Rental Details

We will deliver your dunk tank, set it up and take it down for an additional cost. This rental does not come with an attendant. The dunk tank doesn’t need anything other than water to operate. Customer must provide a hose and water source. 


Quick Specifications

Minimum Rider Height: 60″

Minimum Rider Height: none

Maximum Rider Weight: 250 lbs

Required Space: 10’L x 15’W x 10’H

Rental Time: All Day

Setup Time: 10 minutes

Fill Time: 1-2  hours

Water Capacity: 500 gallons

Power Requirements: None

Customer must provide water source and hose.

Color of tank may vary.





dunk tank fundraiser rental ct2503_Default.jpg



Product FAQs

Can a child go in the dunk tank?
Generally speaking NO. Please refer to requirements above for safe operation. Note: the person sitting in the seat needs to be able to swim!
How long does it take to fill the tank with a garden hose?
It depends on your water pressure and size of hose. On Average about 1 - 2 hours

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