Item #: 3102.

Price: $350.00

Product Description

Special events and premium sanitation needs demand signature portable restrooms. These signature portable restrooms offer approximately 24 percent more interior floor space than other standard units. This unit includes a foot operated sink and non-splash urinal.

Users of our signature portable restroom will benefit from the design as the waste tank is not visible.  Unlike our standard restroom, the signature portable restroom has a foot operated pump to clean the toilet and wash the waste to the tank below. This portable restroom also offers more space for parents with children, more room for construction workers with bulky or winter gear and is an upgrade for any backyard party.

Signature portable restroom rentals are available in light grey or white. Please note we cannot guarantee the color of the unit at the time of booking.

Signature portable restroom sizes and shapes may vary. However, they all feature manual foot operated sinks, toilets and urinals.

Includes soap and paper products.

View our portable restroom calculator to figure out how many signature portable restrooms you need.


Approximate exterior size is 47″ x 44″ x 91″




Signature portable restroom_White_WhiteSignature portable restroom_White_LtGreySignature portable restroom_LtGreySignature portable restroom_interiorsignature portable restroom_3qtrleftSignature portable restroom_front



Product FAQs

Can I rent a white signature restroom?
Signature portable restrooms are a bulk item meaning we have many and they are often out on long term rentals. We cannot guarantee color. If you must have a white restroom, please consider a restroom trailer.

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