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Item #: 2717.

Price: $125.00

Product Description

This tent heater rental offers 80,000 btu’s at an affordable price. This tent heater rental is great for heating smaller tents or can be used in multiples for larger tents. If you are looking for more powerful heaters or heaters with ducting please look at our 170,000 btu tent heaters. This tent heater operates using both electric and propane. We recommend a 100 lb propane tank under normal circumstances. If you are unsure how much propane you need or what size tank you require please give us a call and we would be happy to discuss in detail.

Please note that while this heater is approved for use both inside and outside local codes and fire marshalls will have the final say on the tent heaters placement. In all cases all propane tanks must remain outside. These heaters can also be used to heat barns or other such buildings provided it is an approved use and inspected by the appropriate authorities. This tent heater rental includes a diffuser and thermostat. If you need to have it ducted that would be an additional cost. This tent heater rental does not include extension cords or propane. Both are available for rental. 

Our tent heater has a clean look, quiet operation and fuel efficient direct-fired design. It delivers safe, dependable heating and air circulation for any tented event!




Tent heater 80_thermostat



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