Holiday Office Party Ideas

The options for your office holiday party are unlimited. Get creative and make your holiday party fun for the whole office. Your employees will feel appreciated after a year of hard work!

holiday party ideas


Everyone loves a contest, encourage your employees to decorate their office or cubicle for the holidays and hand out rewards for the most festive!


Make everyone a little jollier this year and opt for a more casual holiday party. Open a tab at a local hot spot for the team. Be sure to include food even if its just a variety of appetizers. Anytime you are encouraging drinking you should always ensure that people have had enough to eat and make sure there are safe rides available in case anyone gets a little too jolly.


Put on your poker face for a classy night of gambling! Invite your employees to play casino games together while sipping cocktails. Slot machines, roulette and poker tables can all be rented for the night to make your holiday party a win!


Tired of Secret Santa and never getting what you want, or worried you will pick that one employee that you don’t really know and are now forced to buy them a gift? Consider using a website like Elfster to make your office gift exchange a breeze. Using Elfster is simple, just sign up and pick the date of your event, set a spending limit and a deadline for users. Elfster will match the participants up and will even allow you to create a wish list, within the budget of course!


The holidays can be expensive, this year instead of a gift exchange consider a cookie swap! Encourage all of your employees to make a different type of cookie. Then at the party all of the cookies are divided up (one type of each cookie per person) so that everyone leaves with a great mix of holiday treats! Make sure to have enough tables and dessert stands to display all the delicious cookies, and don’t forget to provide everyone with a bag or container to take their cookies home.


If a full-blown holiday party just isn’t in the budget this year hire a group of local carolers to stop by the office and serenade your employees. Get everyone into the spirit of the season with some hot cocoa and cookies!


Everyone has a busy life, especially around the holiday. For some companies doing something during the work day may be a better option than having a holiday party after work. This year rent a food truck and treat your employees to lunch! Set up chairs and tables with festive linens and perhaps even provide a coffee and dessert station with holiday cookies and a chocolate fountain! You can even rent a photo booth and get holiday themed props, so employees can take funny photos and post them around the office.


Another great way to have an intimate afternoon holiday party is to host a potluck. Potlucks are the perfect opportunity for your employees to show off their cooking skills and have a great home cooked meal. Just provide plates, flatware and enough tables and chairs for the whole office. While you’re at it you can even incorporate a gingerbread contest to keep everyone in the holiday spirit! Set out gingerbread pieces or graham crackers and decorating supplies and let your employees create their very own gingerbread houses. You can even hand out prizes for the most creative, most structurally sound and much more!


Your employees work hard all year and your holiday party is a great time to show your appreciation. Create funny or sincere awards and then make a big production of handing them out at the party. Another way to reward your employees is with door prizes and raffles. While big prizes like televisions and gaming systems are great even a $10 gift card to Dunkin Donuts will go a long way during the holiday season.

No matter what your budget there a holiday party idea is out there that is perfect for your team. If you are still unsure what will work best for your office try polling your employees. Including them in the process will make them feel like you appreciate them and that you care about their opinions. Try not to get too wrapped up in the party planning, just remember that this season is about spending quality time with others and it’s a great way to encourage team building.