8 Must Haves Rentals for Your Christmas Dinner Party

If you are hosting Christmas dinner this year, you want to make sure that your guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves. These eight must have rentals will ensure that everyone has a great time around the dinner table.

Christmas Dinner


The table is the focal point of Christmas dinner, make sure you have enough space and seating. Round tables are great for dinner parties because you can see and interact with everyone at the table. And don’t forget about the kids, make them feel special with their very own kid’s table and kid’s chairs!


Choosing a comfortable chair is crucial for a successful dinner. Remember that your guests will be sitting in these seats for quite sometime and you want them to be comfortable and feel welcome. Padded chairs are a great option or if you prefer something a little more formal consider a chiavari chair and add a cushion.


Using cloth napkins and tablecloths are a great way to make your dinner feel extra special. Linens come in all sorts of colors and textures, you can get festive with a red tablecloth and green napkins or keep it simple and elegant with a silver table linen and white napkins. With so many options you will have no trouble finding a combination that fits your theme.


Worried about having enough matching china for all your guests? Don’t stress about it, rent your china. You can get everything you need from salad plates, dinner plates to cups and saucers. An added benefit to renting china is that you do not end up with a stack of dishes at the end of the night. Simply give them a rinse and put them back in their racks.


Don’t stress about having enough flatware for all your guests, you can rent everything you need. Before placing an order make sure to go through your menu to make sure you have the appropriate flatware. There’s nothing worse than spending all day making a delicious soup and your guests can’t eat it because all they have are forks and knives. And don’t forget about the serve ware!


There’s a glass for every drink, make sure you have all the glassware you need for your party. From wine to water never offer your guest a beverage that you don’t have the appropriate glass for. Think ahead about your offerings and ensure that you have all the appropriate glassware.

Food Service

Planning to serve a lot of food? Consider a buffet. Keep food warm with chaffing dishes so guest so can go up for seconds or thirds! And everyone knows that dessert is the highlight of Christmas dinner, create a beautiful presentation with cake and dessert stands.


While the food is the highlight of Christmas dinner, presentation is important. Make sure your tablescape wows with a beautiful centerpiece and consider serving your guests on chargers.

Christmas is almost here. Eliminate the stress and uncertainty, contact PartyTime Rentals to discuss your event!