Halloween Wedding Tips

Fall is almost here and to many that means pumpkin picking and sweater weather. To others it’s all about weddings! Autumn is hands down the busiest season for weddings in the Hudson Valley. Couples love the foliage, farms and cooler weather while others have chosen to have their wedding in the Fall for a much different reason… because they love Halloween!

Having a wedding on Halloween may sound like a cheesy idea but with a few simple tips you can go from tacky to tasteful and create a wedding your guests will never forget!

Halloween Wedding - Enter if you Dare


Enter if You Dare

Your invitations will be the first impression your guests have of your wedding. Let them know what a ghoulishly great time they will have by picking out a one of a kind invitation that evokes the essence of Halloween in a tasteful way. Make sure to include all the basics on the invitation including date, time, locations etc. but also be sure to include all other necessary information like whether or not costumes are encouraged.

halloween wedding - pick your poison



Pick Your Poison

While an open bar is always recommended for a wedding you might consider crafting a couple of spooky signature drinks for the big day! Another great Halloween touch is to give your guests a take away gift they will enjoy, a shot in a vial so it looks like witches’ potion!


halloween wedding - trick or treat


Trick or Treat

For a lot of guests, the food is the most talked about aspect of a wedding. Surprise your guests with a candy/dessert bar. Make them feel like they’re kids again with customized trick or treat bags, so they can take the candy home, just like after a long night of trick or treating!


Halloween Wedding - Dress Up


Play Dress Up

Don’t be afraid to mix things up a little bit when it comes to the wedding dress. A black dress is no longer a taboo option, there are so many tasteful dresses out there to choose from. If all black is too much for you then another option is to accent your dress with black for example a black veil, sash or gloves really provides a great contrast for a bright white dress.

Halloween Wedding - Spooky Selfies




Spooky Selfies

An open-air photo booth is always a great option for a wedding. It gives your guests something to do other than eat and dance. For a Halloween photo booth make sure that you stock up on plenty of Halloween masks and props to really make the photos memorable.

Halloween Wedding - Boo-gie Down


Boo-gie Down

It wouldn’t be a Halloween wedding if you didn’t make a couple of special requests from the DJ. Thriller and the Monster Mash are time honored Halloween favorites and will really get people out of their seats and onto the dance floor!

Halloween Wedding - Not so Frightening Florals



Not so Frightening Florals

Flowers are a common wedding decoration, usually they are very bright and cheery but for a Halloween wedding a darker floral is the perfect choice. You don’t have to get cliché and have black roses on every table, but dark purples and oranges help set the Halloween vibe while giving off a classy feel.

Halloween Wedding - Devilish Decor



Devilish Décor

If you’re having a tented wedding a great décor choice to add a little drama and texture is to drape the inside of the tent with a gauzy fabric. You can accent the drapery with lights and gothic chandeliers. Draping creates a very ethereal effect that screams Halloween.