How to throw a baby shower- everything you need to know

How to throw a baby shower ballonsBaby showers are fun, informal affairs, much more so than they were in the past, but they still take some planning and some acknowledgement of tradition. Want to know how to throw a baby shower? Well PartyTime is here with all the advice you will need and some great suggestions on how to throw a baby shower that will be truly unforgettable.

How to throw a baby shower: Etiquette

Traditionally, someone outside the family of the expectant mother would host the baby shower. But this has changed. Today it is perfectly fine for a member of the family to arrange the shower and send out invitations. It is however, not considered good etiquette for the expectant mother to arrange her own shower. She can of course have a say in the arrangements and the guest list, but the party should be thrown for her and not given by her.

How to throw a baby shower: Should a baby shower be given for the second or third baby?

Absolutely! Every new addition to a family should be celebrated. This gives the expectant mother the opportunity to not only register for items she didn’t receive with her first child, but to also receive unique items she will need for her second or third child. Consider giving the expectant mother baby wipes, diapers in different sizes and other essentials. It is also a smart idea to give frozen meals for her older children as well, because she will be rushed off her feet trying to care for the newborn and feed her other children as well.

How to throw a baby shower: Gift etiquette and thank you notesHow to throw a baby shower Wishing Well

All gifts should be opened during the baby shower so that the guests can see the appreciation of the mother and other guests can see what is given. There is an exception to this rule. If money is given, it can be sent directly to the mother prior to the baby shower. Gift cards can be opened during the proceedings but the amount should not be disclosed to the other guests.

Thank you notes are always the right thing to do. Thank you notes should be sent out to the guests within a month of the baby shower. The hostess can make things easier for the expectant mother by handing over envelopes with all the guests addresses already written on them.

A wishing well is a fun focus for gift giving. A wishing well will be filled with small gifts for the mom-to-be and usually accompanied with a note. A wishing well can be the centerpiece of the event and make the mom-to-be feel even more special when receiving her gifts.

How to throw a baby shower: The budget

As with any occasion, it is important that the host create a budget. This can be a difficult thing to create, because the budget determines the whole event. But with a little creative thinking, you can plan a memorable baby shower, even on the most modest of budgets. Want to know how to throw a baby shower on a budget? Here are some tips.

1. Arrange your baby shower to be held early afternoon. This way you will not have to serve full meals and appetizers will do just fine.
2. Renting out a restaurant or hotel room can be expensive. Hold that party at your home, a friend’s home or at a family members.
3. Consider co-hosting your baby shower with a friend or family member.

Co-hosting is becoming an increasingly popular option. Co-hosting means that generally, you will all share the costs. To keep things simple, it is wise to pool everyone’s money together and use it to create the event. This puts fewer burdens on hosts being allocated expensive duties.

How to throw a baby shower: The GIGGLE checklist

Want to know how to throw a baby shower and feel confident that you have taken care of everything? Just follow the GIGGLE checklist!

G. Guest List. Invite all of the expectant mother’s family, friends and co-workers. To make sure you don’t leave anyone out or invite someone that the mom-to-be would prefer was not there, ask her to provide you with a full list of names.

I. Invitations. It is important that you know your theme before you send out the invitations. There are hundreds of potential themes you could use, but know what it is prior to sending the invitations, so you can co-ordinate your invitations, tableware and banners around the theme.

G. Games. Just as there are hundreds of themes there are also hundreds of games! Consider how long the baby shower is going to be, the location and how many guests are expected to attend before you organize your games.

Try to base all of your games around interaction. One fun game is called the “ice breaker”. The guests will be presented with little plastic babies that are frozen in ice cubes. The idea of the game is to put your guest’s imaginations to the test trying to melt their ice cube and get the baby out. The guest whose baby is “born” first is the winner!

G. Great food. Don’t spend too much of your time contemplating what to serve your guests. Keep it simple. Serve simple finger food such as trays of fruits and vegetables, mini pizzas or mini sandwiches.

L. Location. Save money by hosting the shower in a home instead of a rented location. But make sure that this space is large enough to accommodate all of the guests. You may need to hire some chairs to make sure everybody is seated during the party. Party Time Rentals would be honored to provide YOUR shower with the chairs you need and anything else for that matter!

E. Expectant Mom. Remember that this is a celebration of the mother and her new baby. Keep her as comfortable as possible throughout the event. Make sure she has a comfortable chair to sit on and feels relaxed. Remember to talk to the mom-to-be and ask her what she feels like doing with regard to the games and the food.