Before you plan an outdoor event

There is nothing more spectacular than an outdoor event or wedding.  You will benefit not only from an almost limitless number of venue options but also the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley. However, you should be aware that outdoor events usually require additional attention to detail and in most cases a larger budget than having the event inside a venue. However, the expense = experience is well worth it. Here are a few things to consider before you plan an outdoor event.

Selecting the Perfect Location

Location, location, location, we have all heard this many times before. When planning an outdoor event the location is the most important detail. As limitless as the options may seem when having your event outdoors you must research each potential location. Consider the following specific questions:

Will privacy be a factor? If you are looking into a public place like a winery or a park would you mind the nosey onlookers?

  • Is there enough space to accommodate the size of tent(s) you will require?
  • Is the ground level enough for the reception if you are planning on setting up tables and chairs?
  • Will there be traffic noise or other distractions for the guests?
  • Are there any restrictions on noise, alcohol consumption, number of guests, food preparation, tents, time limits?
  • Are permits required?

Have a Plan B

When having an event outside you must always have a backup plan in the event of poor weather. In the Hudson valley of New York weather can always be unpredictable, but with the use of tenting, heating or on the rare occasion air conditioning, you could make your guests very comfortable. If it is not an option to move the entire event indoors if the weather is poor then you must consider tenting as your back up plan.

Make you Guests comfortable

Whatever the occasion may be you must always consider the comfort of your guests when planning an outdoor event. Consider all elements, heat, rain, wind or cool temperatures. Tenting is not only beautiful but functional as well and is very effective for protecting your guests from the weather, good or bad! Will you need to worry about bugs or portable washrooms for your guests? Plan to have water bottles, sunscreen, fans, heaters, and generators if there is now power available.

Don’t forget to make a notation on the invitation so that your guest know this event will be taking place outdoors and will dress appropriately.


Take advantage of the natural beauty of your surrounding environment. Don’t compete, just complement what is already there.  If you need decor for your event we can help visit our props and decor page.


Will there be enough natural light or will you need to bring lighting? Consider season and time of day the event will take place. Yes, PartyTime Rentals rents tent lighting.


Will you require power for heat, lights or catering equipment? Is power available onsite or will you need to rent generators? Yes, PartyTime Rentals rents generators.

Food Service

Will you be serving food and beverage at this event? Where will the food be prepared, stored, and served from? A tent can be used to create a temporary onsite kitchen for caterers. Keep your menu as simple as possible. Simple does not mean the meal cannot be elegant. If it is wedding them select a wedding cake that will hold well if the weather is warm!

Accessibility for guests

Is there convenient parking? Consider accessibility for elderly guests. Yes, PartyTime Rentals rents golf carts too.


Outdoor events or weddings are great candidates for event insurance. In the event of extreme weather or other unforeseen circumstances you may want to consider protecting yourself.


Will your budget permit an outdoor event. Often outdoor events will require the rental of tents as well as tables, chairs, linens, dishware and portable kitchen equipment. Get quotations early in the planning stage to avoid surprises later on. I have seen outdoor events rentals range from $9 a person ( not including food) for a casual backyard party to $100 a person( not including food) for an elegant wedding. In general most weddings on a reasonable budget can have a nice tented event for 45-$65/person (not including food or venue fees)

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