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Benefits of a Sit Down Dinner

tented sit down dinner

Tented Sit down dinner

Sit down dinners are good for traditional weddings/events where your guests are to remain seated for an hour or two.

The dining style benefits of a sit down dinners are as follows: They usually feature speeches or  any program in which you have scripted out every detail down to the minute. This type of dinner service, if done under a tent, will require less space than a buffet but usually comes with a higher catering cost due to required wait staff. Sit down dinners typically include several courses but still give guests the chance to mingle.

The number of guests invited will also help in deciding if a sit down dinner is right for you. If your wedding/event is reserved for a small number of people then a formal seated dinner will work well as people will be seated close together and conversation will be easy (particularly if you are using round tables). The cost will be lower as minimal wait staff will be required. However, if your wedding/event features hundreds of guests, the price for a formal dinner can get quite expensive and you would probably be better off with a buffet.

If you are having young children a buffet usually works better and we would recommend entertainment such as a bounce house for the kids.


Benefits of a Buffet

0143c9a24ac524d7aa032e5552ac636f06176a4100Buffets are good for just about any event. This option not only gives your guests the option to eat when they want, but allows them a great selection of food choices. While a sit down dinner often sticks to a set menu, buffets have options and are plentiful. When you meet with your caterer, be sure to cover a wide range of tastes that will satisfy everyone. Buffets are also better for casual weddings/events that aren’t too scripted. When guests have the option to move about and mingle they won’t feel restricted to a certain table or time schedule for eating and can spend more time enjoying the party.

Buffets will require a little more tent space than a sit down, so be prepared for a small increase in tent cost and a little more space for the tent installation. However, the benefits of a casual style buffet far outweighs the small tent cost increase.

A buffet typically has no set time for eating and no waiting in between courses so your guest will always be up and mingling.

Finally, both options are fine but give thought to the theme and atmosphere of your party and choose your dining style benefits and disadvantges accordingly.


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