Linen Size Chart for Tables

Linen Size Chart for Tables

Linen Size Chart


Linens & Skirting8′ Banquet 30″x96″6′ Banquet 30″x72″6′ Round   72″5′ Round    60″4′ Round    48″3′ Round    36″30″ Round  Low Cocktail30″ Round  High Top   Cocktail3′ Square   36″x36″4′ Square   48″x48″5′ Square   60″x60″Surpentine   60″ Serp
Number of Guests8-106-810-128-106-83-4222-42-44-8N/A
132″            Round  To the floor         
120″             Round  24″ DropTo the floor   Gathered on the floor    
108″               Round  18″ Drop24″ DropTo the floor       
96″             RoundDecorative OverlayDecorative Overlay12″ Drop18″ DropTo the floor       
90″                  RoundDecorative OverlayDecorative Overlay9″ Drop15″ Drop21″ Drop27″ DropTo the floor30″ Drop    
120″x120″        Square          To the floor 
108″x108″         Square         To the floor24″ Drop 
90″x90″           SquareDecorative OverlayDecorative Overlay27″ DropCorners touch floor15″ Drop21″ Drop Corners touch floor33″ Drop21″ Drop15″ Drop 
72″x72″            SquareDecorative OverlayDecorative OverlayDecorative Top Cloth6″ Drop12″ Drop  21″ Drop 12″ Drop6″ Drop 
54″x54″            SquareDecorative OverlayDecorative OverlayDecorative Top Cloth 3″ Drop9″ Drop12″ Drop12″ Drop8″ Drop3″ DropOverlay 
90″x156″          BanquetTo the floor on all sides           
90″x132″         BanquetSides Floor Ends 18″To the floor on all sides          
60″x120″           BanquetSides 15″    Ends 12″Sides 15″  Ends 24″          
13′ Skirt3 Sides3 Sides2 Skirts1 Skirt1 Skirt1 Skirt1 Skirt 1 Skirt2 Skirts2 Skirts3 Sides

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