Party Planner Budget Tips

Party planner budget tipsThese simple party planner budget tips can help you save money and plan the best party ever!

  • The time of year and day of the week you have your wedding can affect prices greatly. Off-peak time for your area may differ but here in the northeast, a mid-week wedding in the middle of winter would be your cheapest option whereas a Saturday night at the end of summer/early fall would be most expensive.
  • A “quick and dirty” way to get your costs down is to cut your guest list. Less people means less food, invitations, favors, tables which leads to less linens/china/chairs/centerpieces
  • Saving money on flowers doesn’t mean you have to cut the flowers out completely, just supplement more greenery into your bouquets. It’ll still look nice and the price will come down significantly!
  • Only print single page invites and send out your “save the dates” online
  • Buy flowers that are in season
  • A trendy way to keep your food cost down is to skip the main course altogether and go heavy on the appetizers and finger foods
  • To keep your liquor cost down, offer a beer/wine/signature drink option at the bar. Most people are content with this and if they’re not, they could always pay the bartender for a mixed drink they do want
  • Cut the cost of champagne by eliminating the champagne toast and having your guests toast with whatever drink they may have
  • Wedding cakes can be very expensive. Get a small one or two tiered cake for you and your significant other to cut during the reception and then supplement the cake that will be handed out to guests with a sheet cake hidden near the caterer.

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Layout Examples 32-100pp
  • 32 People Under A 20’x20′ Frame Tent
  • 48 People Under A 20’x20′ Frame Tent
  • 64 People Under a 20’x30′ Pole Tent
  • 64 People Under A 20’x40′ Tent
  • 64 People Under A 30’x30′ Pole Tent w/ Food Tables
  • 80 People Under A 20’x40′ Pole Tent
  • 96 People Under A 30’x30′ Pole Tent


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