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Table selection and seating capacity guide

There are a few things to consider when choosing what type of table to use for your next party. The first consideration is whether to use round, square or rectangular tables. Let’s  discuss the advantages and dis advantages of each.

  • Round tables- are the most popular choice for seating because they allow all of our guests to view each other creating a warm environment for conversation. The also allow for both simple and complex centerpiece designs. The primary negative of using a round table is if space is of the up most concern as these tables take up more space than there rectangular counter parts. We offer round tables in the following sizes; 24″, 30″,36″, 48″,60″, 72″.
  • Square tables- are increasingly becoming popular as an alternative to round tables. They offer all of the same benefits of a round table but in a look un-common to most events. We offer square tables in the following sizes 48″ and  60″.
  • Rectangular tables-  are the most space efficient table you can use at a party. However, except for the guests sitting directly across for you it can be difficult to have a discussion with anyone else at the table. When using rectangular table you also have to consider not using the head of the table unless you are using a 40″ or wider table. Most rectangular banquet tables are 30″ wide. This does not allow for a centerpiece much wider than 5″ or using the heads of the table unless you lose a seat to the right and the left of the person at the head.  These tables are very popular for rustic weddings where a long row is created by join gin multiple tables together. We offer rectangular tables in the following sizes 24″x48″, 30″x72″. 30″x96″ and 42″x96″

Below is a chart showing how many can sit at each table and a few examples of the use of space with these tables.

Table and chair rental layout

Round table rental layout

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