Preparing for Halloween A Guide for Parents

Halloween Costumes for sale

 Halloween is arguably the one time of year that kids look forward to the most: imaginations run wild with costume preparation, tall tales are told of spooks and ghouls, and for a parent, it’s a great time to interact and have fun with your children. Not all of us have the budget to splurge for costumes and decorations, so with that in mind, here are some thrifty tips you can use when preparing for Halloween that will save you money and not compromise on the fun.


Buy Halloween costumes that can be used more than once!


The Fireman Halloween Costume

There are fireman Halloween costumes on sale in most large department stores. The great thing about these costumes is that they also double up as a raincoat. Not only do you have a costume that they will love, you will also find that your children will look forward to rainy days, just so they can wear the costume again and if it rains on Halloween night, that is one less thing to worry about!

The Ballerina Halloween Costume

If your child is already involved with ballet classes, this costume is going to be simple to put together. But if not, you can pick up a reasonably priced tutu and leotard that can be used as playwear around the house or whenever they feel inspired to dance. Not only that, it may actually inspire them to take up ballet lessons. These lessons are great for balance, coordination and all-round well being.

The Batman Halloween Costume

You may be wondering how on earth your child could wear a batman costume more than once. While it is unlikely that you will be able to use a batman outfit for everyday wear, with some imagination you can create the majority of the batman outfit at home.

For example, the utility belt. Your child most likely already has a belt at home. Buy a variety pack of cereal and some yellow paint. Carefully cut a slit in the back of the cereal packets and once they are painted yellow, attach them to the belt. Not only is this great fun for you and your child, you will also get to enjoy the cereal!

A Costume Exchange Program

Most likely you know other parents in your neighborhood with children around the age of your own. Why not consider starting up a costume exchange program? Simply put up a notice at the school offering parents the opportunity to save some money, get together and swap old costumes. It’s a great way to meet new people and get something super special for your children.

Rent a Costume!

This is by far the smartest way to dress up for Halloween. When you compare costs, renting a Halloween costume is going to ultimately save you money in the long run, especially if you like to dress up as something new every year! It makes preparation for this special spooky day easy as pumpkin pie! Try to find out what costume your child would like as early as possible and then simply phone our store to reserve their outfit.


Halloween Candy

Candy goes together with Halloween, like, well, candy and Halloween! But we all know that over-indulgence in candy is bad for their health and hyperactivity equates to sleepless nights and you feeling exhausted the next morning. There is a smart way around the problem of monitoring their sugar intake that will not cause any tantrums. Here is how to do it.

Print out these coupons below and think of some fun activities that they would love to trade for candy. This can be something as simple as a 2-day pass from cleaning their room to a day out at the park. With some smart thinking, you can come up with ideas you wanted to do anyway and keep your children healthy at the same idea. Simple, easy, and fun!Coupons for Kids Halloween



Pumpkin Carving

These days, carving a pumpkin is almost easy! There are kits available that will provide you with templates and all of the utensils you need to carve an amazing looking pumpkin. There are also kits that are suitable for children. Having said that, it is always advisable that you as a parent do the cutting of the pumpkin.

You can involve your child in the process by letting them scoop out the insides of the pumpkin with their hands; it’s great gooey fun. Also, they can draw around the template with pens to really feel part of the process. If your child is at the age where you are not really sure if they should carve the pumpkin themselves, sit with them while they start and if things are looking hazardous, jump in and save the day!

For some pumpkin carving inspiration, here are some photos of the professionals at work.

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