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Add some style to your buffet table with these 9 quart steel chaffing dishes which are displayed on a black iron stand. They match nicely with our other iron stands which can be used to hold bowls, steel scallop trays, or rectangle trays. We even have a beautiful 5 gallon glass beverage dispenser which sits on a similar black iron stand.

A chafing dish, sometimes called a steam pan, is a metal pan with a smaller metal pan that rests inside. The larger metal pan gets water in it and you place the smaller metal pan on top. Make sure that the water level is close to the bottom of the smaller pan which you will be placing on top, but not touching it. Once you light the Sterno canned heat underneath it will warm up the water and create steam which will keep your food at a warm serving temperature. The chafing dish also comes with a cover so any food that you want to put out on the buffet table will stay protected and warm. The cover also helps keeps the food from drying out.

Chafing dishes are not meant to cook your food. The food needs to be at an appropriate temperature and fully cooked before you place it in the pan. However, you can place the steel pan in the oven to cook and then transfer it to the chafing dish stand to keep warm. 

Want to keep something cold? You can use a chafing dish for that! Just fill up the larger pan with cold water and ice, and of course don’t light the fuel. This would be perfect for an antipasto dish, salad, or deviled eggs. 






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