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Authentic wooden harvest table rentals are also called farm tables.  Our harvest table is build from planks of wood and perfectly distressed with a dark walnut finish.  Available with or without matching benches, these farm tables are ideal for any rustic event.

Harvest Table Rentals

All harvest table rentals come with removable legs. We can deliver these tables to your wedding site or just about any location of your choosing. These tables can be rented with our without benches. If you are renting the table with benches the benches can be stored under the table which makes for easy transport. The legs of the table assemble easily  by inserting them  under the table and tightening the set screw. No Special tools are required. Each table assembles in approximately 2 mins. Our farm style table is 8′ long and  40″ wide. The table can accommodate  4 people on each side of the table and one on each end.  This gives each table capacity anywhere from 8-10 guests.

Pinterest is loaded with pictures of harvest table rentals. Harvest tables in barns, harvest tables in tents and harvest tables on a farm. No matter where you place your table, our harvest table rentals will bring family together in joy just like the early settlers.


History of the Farm Table:

The American Farmhouse tables were made from Eastern White Pine. These tables were built back then to meet the simple needs of the early settlers many of which were farmers. These families often sat down for dinner on simple benches around their farm table.  Due to the nature of soft pine these tables often showed wear and distress quickly with daily use. The harvest/Farm table served numerous purposes. Often the same table that the farmers ate on was used as a workbench which would quickly add dents and dings to the table. Times where simple back then and a sturdy table gave a strong surface for working with tools. This table was also used for canning preserves or as a baking board. Quite simply it was the centerpiece of the home where everything was done including a satisfying meal after a hard days work on the farm. 

Today an original farm table would be near impossible to find. We can however always replicate that classic pine farmhouse table or even reclaim some barn wood from the old days to build that perfect table. Either way having a meal among family and friends will always give reason to celebrate the days of the past.

Today you can rent a harvest table for any occasion. May of our customers decorate their harvest table rentals with lace or burlap runners. Some people often prefer an x back wood chair over the classic bench. Either way we have enough harvest table rentals for everyone to celebrate with. So rent a Harvest table today!








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