High Voltage Obstacle Warped Wall


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Product Description

The High Voltage Obstacle Warped Wall puts a new “spin” on inflatable obstacle courses! This obstacle course features 3 giant turnstiles which manually spin in opposite directions to squeeze and push your opponent back. Whichever player is able to make it through the turnstiles, sprint up the warped wall and ring the cowbell first is the winner! 

Add another level of difficulty to this already challenging obstacle course with TAPS. For more information about our Touch Activated Play System CLICK HERE

High Voltage Obstacle Warped Wall Rental Details

With all inflatable rentals we provide a 50 foot extension cord. Unfortunately you cannot connect any extra extension cords to lengthen the distance of the inflatable from an outlet. Please make sure that you plan to place your inflatable well within 50′ of a 20 amp circuit. If this is not an option, or if you have any doubts whether or not the extension cord is going to reach the inflatable, please consider renting a generator

Our trained staff will come setup this inflatable, but they do not stay to supervise. Each inflatable has rules and regulations. Please read them before using the inflatable. You can find them printed on the side of the inflatable. There are height and weight requirements specific for each unit, please see the Quick Specifications below.

Quick Specifications

Maximum Occupancy:2
Minimum Height:42″
Maximum Height:76″
Maximum Weight Per Person:200 lbs
Dimensions:50’L  x 16’W x 18′ 6″H
Required Space:58’L x 24’W x 20’ 6″H
Power Requirements:(3) dedicated 20 amp circuits


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