Item #: 1620.

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Product Description

This hot dog cart is the real deal! This is no dinky little toy, this cart resembles an authentic NYC Hot Dog Cart. Instead of propane, it operates with sterno and you can use up to 3 cans at once. There are 3 small steel chafing dishes, so you can decide if you want to use all of them or just 1 or 2. There is a storage compartment on the top of the cart with glass windows which you can use to display chips and soda or store your bread. On the top of the cart in the center there is a cooler that you can fill up with ice to keep your drinks nice and cold. You can use the large compartment at the bottom of the cart to store any extra supplies like chips, soda and napkins. 

NYC Hot Dog Cart Quick Specifications

  • Pre-cook hot dogs for faster service
  • Operates with sterno cans, no electricity needed
  • Cart Dimensions: 4’L x 3’W x 58″H
  • Display Box: 15″L x 3’W x 16.5″H







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