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Where can I rent picnic tables?  Right Here! Our classic wood picnic table rentals are available for any event. All picnic table rentals have an attached bench. These tables have the ability to be used with an umbrella or without.

Picnic table rentals:

Your rental features a wood picnic table that has a waterproof coating. Picnic tables are 6 feet long and will sit 6 people.

Picnic table rentals may incur additional delivery charges do to the size of the item. Feel free to speak with an event planner about your picnic table rental for details.

Picnic table rentals have become popular with NYC events.  We some times take things for granted and forget about the time when the family got together for that picnic in a park.  Yes it is cheaper to rent a wood table and a few folding chairs but, it just does not have the charm and appeal of a good old fashioned picnic table.

In the Hudson Valley we rent more picnic tables than anyone! Our picnic tables are clean finished beautifully. Our picnic table rentals are often seen at weddings and other festivals. These tables also look great when paired with outdoor lighting using cafe lights. We can string cafe lights around and over your picnic table seating area for an awesome night time event. You can search for pictures of picnic tables and lighting on Pinterest. Just search for picnic tables and cafe lights!

Barn weddings are another hot rental place for our picnic table rentals. We often see clients decorating the top of the table with a lace runner or that classic red check picnic linen.

Lastly, we are often asked are these tables outdoor only tables or can they be used indoors. We believe we maintain our picnic table rentals to the same high standard as all of our rentals. So yes go ahead and put your picnic table inside! Just be sure that there is a doorway large enough to fit them.

So in conclusion, Where can I rent picnic tables? Right here, you found us!

*Oversized item; additional transportation fee applicable.






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