4x4 stage deck rental


Item #: 4007.

Price: $48.00

Product Description

Each 4’x4′ stage rental sections allow will you to build custom size stages.

This standard plywood stage rental is set to 13″ high. Other heights, railing, carpet, stage stairs and ramps are all available.

This plywood top stage rental has a metal frame and legs.  This type of stage is capable of supporting 125 psf.

Other features:

  • Stage can be leveled
  • Ramp kits available
  • Stairs with railing
  • Heights up to 48″ with additional bracing
  • Stage skirt in many colors
  • Can be carpeted for a finished look

You can rent a stage for a simple musical performance.  Many of our stage rentals are also used for speeches with our podium rentals.

If you are not sure what size stage rental you need we can help. We do recommend that you call us as we can custom taylor a stage and it’s features to your specific needs.   Below is a guideline for the size stage rental that you may need based on type of use.

Stage rental uses and recommended sizes:

Speaker with podium-  8’x8’stage skirted, carpeted with stairs

Speaker/Podium and other guests that may be invited onto stage ( no more than 4 People)-  12’x12′ stage skirted, carpeted and with two stairs.

Podium and 4 panelist- 12’x16′ Stage skirted, carpeted with stairs

5 Piece band- 12’x16′ stage 

5 Piece band plus horn section- 12’x24′ stage with stairs (optional carpeted 8’x8′ Drum riser)

Awards Ceremony- 16’x16′ stage with either ramps on both sides or stairs. 

The above are just stage rental recommendations. We strongly recommend that you discuss your specific needs with an event planner.


Common Stage Rental Questions

Do you setup the stage?

Yes we not only rent the stage but we also set it up for you.

Will the stage damage the grass or turf field?

No, each stage deck has a large flat rubber foot to protect the surface below it.

Can you provide me an ADA accessible ramp with my stage rental?










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