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Product Description

Shoot it out with a gang of bad guys in a wild west town! This interactive game comes with everything you need for a wild west shoot out including 2 Nerf guns with foam balls and 10 LED TAP light targets. 

Red and blue players race to shoot as many of their lights as possible. Try to keep up as the game speeds up. Don’t be fooled by the yellow lights, they won’t score you any points.The player with the most points wins! 

For more information about our Touch Activated Play System CLICK HERE

Western Shoot Out Rental Details

With all inflatable rentals we provide a 50 foot extension cord. Unfortunately you cannot connect any extra extension cords to lengthen the distance of the inflatable from an outlet. Please make sure that you plan to place your inflatable well within 50′ of a 20 amp circuit. If this is not an option, or if you have any doubts whether or not the extension cord is going to reach the inflatable, please consider renting a generator

Our trained staff will come setup this inflatable, but they do not stay to supervise. Each inflatable has rules and regulations. Please read them before using the inflatable. You can find them printed on the side of the inflatable. There are height and weight requirements specific for each unit, please see the Quick Specifications below.

Quick Specifications

Players: 2
Dimensions:16’L  x 15’W x 10’H
Required Space:20’L x 19’W x 12’H
Power Requirements:(1) dedicated 20 amp circuit

taps logoTAPS Information

It’s time to get active with TAPS! Our Touch Activated Play System also known as Interactive Play System, is just what you need to turn regular inflatables into a challenging experience for both kids and adults. 


The Touch Activated Play System is a game based on light and sound. TAPS challenges players to touch as many TAP lights of their color as they can as these interactive spots randomly light up.


TAPS games offer a great workout and is suitable for kids,teenagers and adults. TAPS test players’ hand-eye coordination, endurance and teamwork skills and is sure to be a real hit at any party, corporate team building or event.


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