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Product Description

The exquisite look of a Chiavari chair at a bar stool height. 

White Chiavari Bar Stool Rentals

These white Chiavari bar stool rentals feature a chrome footrest. Our white Chiavari bar stools are great for any occasion but are popular with upscale events such as weddings or formal cocktail parties. These chairs are a great alternative to traditional chrome bar stools. We have tested every chair from every manufacturer and can say without a doubt that our Chiavari bar stool is the best!  

Our white Chiavari bar stool rentals are made of resin material. The resin material looks great and clean all the time. Painted white wood chairs will chip but not ours. The white color is all the way through the chair and it always looks great. It is also much stronger than a wood chair!

The seat of this bar stool is 30″ high. The overall height of the Chiavari bar stool is 47″ high. These are great bar stools to use with our light up pixel bar or our round bistro tables.






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