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Our X Back chair rental is popular with rustic style events. This chair offers a great seat for both farm-style, rustic themed weddings as well as formal weddings.  These chairs are also widely used for private parties and corporate events.  Crafted of solid elm wood with a dark walnut stained finish, these gorgeous chairs are perfectly paired with our harvest farm tables.  Whether you’re going for rustic, farm or shabby chic these chairs are a wonderful addition to your event.

A Little More About Your X Back Chair Rental

 The x back chair has been associated with a few different names over the years. This chair has great american history in bars and coffee shops as it was often called the bentwood chair. This chair was created by  Michael Thonet a German-Austrian cabinet maker first made this type of chair as a departure from large heavy and often uncomfortable chairs that existed back then.  Thorne used steam to bend thin pieces of wood (hence the term bentwood) that would later be held together held together by screws. This bentwood chair was both elegant but cost effective to build vs a solid wood chair, so they quickly became the go to chair for shops and restraunts.

Today, you don’t need o visit a coffee shop to see an x back chair. You can rent the x back chair for your special occasion. Now days x back chair rental is often referred to as a cross back chair rental an sometimes a bentwood chair rental. This simple yet graceful chair can be used with out without a cushion. It does however look amazing in our opinion with our burlap seat cushion.

While this chair rental is more costly than most, its classic appearence will be all the rave with your guests saying where did you find these chairs? If you are looking for a more cost effective wood chair rental, then take a look at our wooded garden chairs.







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