Spring Cleaning

Inspired by our Used Equipment Sale it seemed like the perfect time to talk about Spring Cleaning! Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean cleaning it’s the perfect opportunity to declutter your house.

Most rooms are guilty of collecting clutter, but we are going to focus on the worst offenders.

The Closet – While it may seem daunting the most effective way to clean out your closet is to go through piece by piece and determine when the last time was that you wore each item. If it has been more than a year since you’ve worn something, aside from special occasion attire, it’s probably time to say goodbye. But don’t despair if your clothes are in good shape you can always sell them online through sites like Thred Up and Ebay, you can also bring your clothes to a local consignment shop or have a garage sale! With the money you make you can put it towards a fierce new Spring wardrobe!

The Bathroom – The bathroom can be sneaky, with so many drawers and cabinets that you use everyday it’s easy to fill them with junk. Start straightening up by checking the expiration dates on your medicine. Now that your medicine cabinet is up to date take a look at all your toiletries and cosmetics. Remember that most cosmetics do have a shelf life, use this simple chart from Elle to help determine if it’s time to toss your makeup. And if you forgot you bought something try to return it. Stores like Sephora have a great return policy.

The Kitchen – Where to start? The kitchen can be an overwhelming room to clean out. One of the easiest ways to sort out the mess is to go through all the food in your cabinets and check the expiration dates; don’t forget the spices, they expire too!

After you’ve gone through the food it’s time to go through your dinnerware, flatware and glassware. Make sure you have complete sets and that nothing is damaged. Don’t be too concerned if you end up with a lot less than you started with, if you have a large party you can always rent china, flatware and glassware.

And finally, as you go through the cabinets keep an eye out for those “good deals” on small kitchen appliances and tools that you picked up. Gather them and if you still haven’t used them in over a year then it’s probably time to donate them.

Now that you’ve made some space open the windows, let the fresh air in and use our Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist to whip your rest of your house into shape!

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