Thanksgiving Family Traditions

The holiday season is here, and Thanksgiving is almost upon us. The true spirit of Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and being grateful for all that you have. It is important to spend this time with your family and those closest to you. Thanksgiving traditions are special moments that you pass down from generation to generation. Make the most of these traditions and consider adding some new ones each year!

Here are a few Thanksgiving traditions you may already share with your family or begin to share!

thanksgiving traditions


That delicious turkey is in the oven, now it’s time to set the table. With the whole family gathered around and all the food it takes a team to set the table. Keep in mind that Thanksgiving is all about being grateful, so consider a cornucopia or horn of plenty for your centerpiece. A cornucopia is a symbol of abundance, typically depicted as a curved horn overflowing with fruits, grains and vegetables. Place this symbolic centerpiece in the middle of your Thanksgiving table to show that your life is abundant with great things, especially family.


The most popular Thanksgiving tradition is the turkey of course! Thanksgiving dinner is the highlight of the holiday, but it doesn’t always have to revolve around turkey. You can change it up with ham, a roast or even tofurky. No matter what you choose to dine on Thanksgiving is all about family. Prepare your delicious feast together and make the clean up a family affair. And don’t forget to hand out doggy bags at the end of the night, otherwise you’ll be eating turkey until Christmas!


If you’re indulging in some holiday turkey, the tradition of breaking the wishbone is a must. Grab one end of the wishbone and challenge a family member to grab the other, give it a yank and the one with the biggest piece is the winner and gets their wish granted!


While the television may have a bad reputation when people think about family time, on Thanksgiving it can also be a great place for family to gather and spend quality time together. A great way to spend Thanksgiving morning while that turkey is in the oven is to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. There’s something for everyone from holiday music to giant floats and musical performances. It’s no wonder the parade has been around for over 90 years.

No need to worry once the parade is over, bring out the family rivalry with a football game! From your favorite college team to the NFL, Thanksgiving is a great time to do a little family bonding by routing for your favorite teams.

Once your belly is full of turkey, gather around the television with a mug of hot chocolate and watch your favorite Christmas movie to get you in the holiday spirit; because Christmas is right around the corner!


Get ready to burn off some of those Thanksgiving calories with a little Black Friday shopping. While Black Friday has always traditionally been held the day after Thanksgiving, in recent years it has been pushed up to Thanksgiving night and even earlier for some online retailers. Grab your savvy shopping family members and make a night of it as you grab great deals and spend quality time together… waiting on line.

Thanksgiving is about being grateful, but it is also about spending time with your loved ones. No matter what traditions you observe take time on this special day to remind yourself just how lucky you are.