Tips for Celebrating a Christmas Birthday

If your child was born during the holiday season, chances are they get the short end of the stick when it comes to celebrating their big day. Some may think that having a birthday around Christmas is wonderful because it means no school and double the festivities. While the first part may be true. Sometimes in all the chaos that is the holidays your child’s special day can get lost. Below are a few ideas on how you can make the most wonderful time of the year even more wonderful!

christmas birthday

Have a Special Birthday Celebration

The Christmas/Birthday party combo may seem tempting with friends and family already in town for the holidays and the house already decorated. But rolling your child’s party into Christmas is a terrible idea. Make sure to keep a clear distinction between Christmas festivities and the birthday celebration. For example, make sure to use regular wrapping paper rather than Christmas paper and don’t forget a birthday card. No kid wants a Christmas card with family pictures and a Happy Birthday written in.  

Be Flexible with the Date

While a holiday birthday may make it easier for relatives to attend a party it is not always the most convenient time of year for their friends. Consider moving the birthday party to November or January so more of their friends can attend. And if your child is bored with Winter activities try moving the party to the Summer. Everyone loves Christmas in July!

Make a Birthday Cake

No birthday is complete without a cake; just because the house is filled with holiday treats doesn’t mean you can skip out on a birthday cake. Every kid needs their birthday wish; make sure to pick up lots of candles.

Keep the Presents Separate        

Unfortunately, some friends and family may think it’s okay to gift your child a dual present meaning only one gift for both Christmas and their birthday. Every child wants to feel special on their big day so don’t just lump their presents together. Make sure your child knows that there is a special gift for their birthday and maybe consider setting aside some time for your child to have cake and open their presents.

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