Valentine’s Day on a Budget!

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and if you’re recently engaged that makes the day even more special! It can also be stressful trying to figure out a way to celebrate without breaking the bank and dipping into your wedding budget.

Valentine's Day Hearts

Don’t believe the hype that once you are engaged or married Valentine’s Day is suddenly a more meaningful and significant holiday, which must be acknowledged with expensive presents. While everyone does enjoy a little sparkle every once and a while, you don’t need pricey gifts to express how you feel about each other.

Having a special Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with how much you spend on gifts. Instead, check out our fun  ideas for Valentine’s Day on a budget.

  1.       Cook Dinner Together – Skip the restaurant waits and overpriced menu items and cook dinner together at home. Choose the menu and buy the ingredients ahead of time to avoid the         stress of the supermarket on your special day.
  2.      Movie Night at Home – Grab some popcorn and candy and settle in for an at home movie night! Don’t pay those outrageous movie theater prices, stay in and watch an old favorite or           have a romantic movie marathon!
  3.       Celebrate on the 15th – If you want Valentine’s Day with all the bells and whistles or chocolates and flowers you can have it and for a fraction of the cost if you can wait until February         15th. The day after Valentine’s Day is the best time to get all of your candy and holiday themed gifts for half the price.  
  4.       Plan a Stay-cation – Use those vacation days and take the day off from work. Sleep in and stay in bed all day. Remember this is a stay-cation, don’t do the laundry, the chores or any              home improvements. Take the day to just relax and enjoy your time together!  
  5.      Spa Night – It’s just as romantic as hitting the real spa but at a fraction of the price. Use your own candles to set the mood and items from your kitchen to make the treatments, for                    example you can use honey, brown sugar, olive oil and vanilla to make an exfoliating scrub! Check out the recipe here.

Just remember the gifts are not what makes Valentine’s Day great, it’s getting to spend quality time with your partner; doing it on a budget is just a bonus!