Wedding Trends: Then vs. Now

Times have changed and so have weddings. Let’s take a look back and see what has changed in wedding trends over the years.


THEN: Registries were all about picking out your china pattern and silver.
NOW: You can really personalize your registry with items from just about any store like Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot and even Amazon. Couples can also register for anything from honeymoons to charitable donations.


THEN: The bride’s family was expected to cover all the wedding expenses.
NOW: There are no rules anymore about who pays for what, anyone can pitch in. And pre-wedding celebration costs are often paid for by the bridal party.


THEN: Brides wore long modest white dresses, often with long sleeves and lots of lace and the grooms would have to purchase a basic black tux and suffer through endless fittings.
NOW: Brides can wear anything they want. Pant suits, short dresses with cowboy boots or anything with a pop of color, nothing is unexpected these days. Grooms also have a lot more choices, no longer are they stuck with a traditional tux, simple two to three-piece suits are very common. And for that busy groom on the go an online rental service like The Black Tux is a lifesaver!


THEN: Weddings typically took place in a house of worship. Followed by a simple reception at a local country club or banquet hall.
NOW: With tent and event rentals you can create a wedding venue anywhere you want! A popular trend these days is an outdoor barn wedding with a rustic vibe. Destination weddings are also quite popular with couples looking for a smaller more intimate wedding. When choosing a venue, the sky’s the limit!


THEN: Receptions most commonly featured traditional sit-down plated dinners that were generally handled by the on-site caterers.
NOW: While some venues do have their own on-site catering, the new norm is to hire an off-premise caterer to create any kind of meal you want! From food trucks to taco bars and signature cocktails the possibilities are endless!


THEN: Guests were always served a slice of the simple white layer cake cut by the bride and groom.
NOW: Wedding cakes are still around but they look very different, couples may consider a naked cake or even an ombre cake. While wedding cakes are still very popular there are alternatives including donut displays, tiers of cupcakes and even full-blown dessert/candy bars.


THEN: Everyone who came to the wedding was expected to sign the guest book.
NOW: Couples have gotten creative, guests can sign photo books filled with Polaroids or photo booth strips they take at the wedding. They can even sign personalized framed artwork that the couple can hang in their home.


THEN: Wedding guests would gather around outside the church and throw rice at the happy couple as they left.
NOW: Nowadays as the bride and groom leave the ceremony they can be met with anything from bubbles to sparklers.

Below is a graphic that shows even more wedding trends that have changed over the years!

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